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    File Version Author Date Message
    Rmd 61bf228 robwschlegel 2019-11-06 Prepped trend vignette for site re-build
    Rmd 819f11e Robert William Schlegel 2019-11-04 Updating the foundation of workflowr GitHub site
    Rmd 158aa0b robwschlegel 2019-05-06 Updated project interface
    html fb80070 Robert Schlegel 2019-05-06 Update
    Rmd 5b638ef Robert Schlegel 2019-05-06 Uploaded poster to GitHub page
    html 74aff6b Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Build site.
    Rmd acee19f Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Some updates
    Rmd 502aacf Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Created JPG versions of figures for draft submission
    Rmd f5fba8f Robert Schlegel 2019-05-03 Polished poster
    Rmd d5ed0d0 Robert William Schlegel 2019-05-02 Working on poster
    Rmd 9285aaa robwschlegel 2019-04-30 Snag list
    Rmd f79c3e9 robwschlegel 2019-04-30 Polished Conclusions
    Rmd c1fa0d7 robwschlegel 2019-04-30 Polished Discussion
    Rmd ad94e1d robwschlegel 2019-04-30 Polished results
    Rmd 4920c7a robwschlegel 2019-04-30 Polished Methods
    Rmd 897141e robwschlegel 2019-04-29 Created Figure 1
    Rmd 8e53a5c robwschlegel 2019-04-29 Further polishing of text
    Rmd 4dc55c8 robwschlegel 2019-04-28 Final round of comments addressed in part
    Rmd 151f5d1 robwschlegel 2019-04-26 Creating remaining figures
    Rmd bb135c3 robwschlegel 2019-04-25 Working on length fix
    Rmd 50aa5e4 robwschlegel 2019-04-24 Troubleshot the global analysis output
    Rmd 104d600 Robert Schlegel 2019-04-18 Unpacking and calculating slopes for global results
    Rmd b80fa5c robwschlegel 2019-04-17 Expanded tests to 0.5C/dec trend and 99% missing data
    Rmd d1891c0 robwschlegel 2019-04-16 Edited manuscript through to the discussion section
    Rmd 4447589 robwschlegel 2019-04-15 Global analysis error trapping
    Rmd 33966d0 robwschlegel 2019-04-15 Finished writing global analysis code and began running it
    Rmd 87caad7 robwschlegel 2019-04-14 Implemented and ran code for fixes to sub-optimal data
    Rmd 7ba5f65 robwschlegel 2019-04-11 Working towards answering Question 2
    Rmd 584d848 robwschlegel 2019-03-25 Basic figures for the re-sample workflow complete
    html 8ef792c robwschlegel 2019-03-20 Build site.
    Rmd 9f45ef7 robwschlegel 2019-03-20 Update
    html 81a2ed5 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Build site.
    Rmd 62fe75f robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Publish the news file
    html 36100c0 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Build site.
    Rmd 0aac666 robwschlegel 2019-03-19 Publish the menu files


  • The GitHub research website for this manuscript was updated to match the changes from the first round of revisions


  • Quite a lot has happened in the intersticing time
  • The curious reader will need to refer to the git push logs for a more detailed account unfortunately
  • The manuscript was re-submitted on November 1st # 2019-05-06

  • Uploaded poster to GitHub page
  • Updated project interface


  • Polished poster
  • Fixed a couple of figures
  • Created JPG versions of figures for draft submission
  • Submitted to FMarS MHW special issue
  • Updatted project website


  • Created a poster for the OceanPredict19 conference in Halifax


  • Added some info required in the submission process


  • Re-created all figures as necessary
  • Polished Methods
  • Polished Results
  • Polished Discussion
  • Polished Conclusions
  • Snag list


  • Further polishing of text
  • Created Figure 1
  • Prepping for LaTeX typesetting


  • Final round of comments addressed in part


  • Creating remaining figures


  • Working on length fix


  • Troubleshot the global analysis output


  • Unpacking and calculating slopes for global results
  • Re-writing Intro
  • Fleshing out Discussion


  • Expanded tests to 0.5C/dec trend and 99% missing data


  • Edited manuscript through to the discussion section
  • First pass at global analysis nearly finished


  • Global analysis error trapping


  • Implemented and ran code for fixes to sub-optimal data
  • Wrote global analysis code
  • Began running global analysis code


  • Finished first pass on answer to Question 2


  • Working towards Question 2


  • Basic figures for the re-sample workflow complete


  • Working on the consolidated workflow script


  • Switching from pkgdown to workflowr for project management/visualisation


  • Incorporated first round of edits from AJH
  • Began writing new decadal detection chunk


  • Incorporated first round of edits from AJS


  • Worked out basic event count results for all vignettes
  • Final skeleton of paper


  • More missing data work
  • Worked through basic decadal trend results


  • Working through the missing data analyses


  • Working through the duration analyses


  • More work on the skeleton
  • Beginning to flesh out the sections


  • Working over the skeleton


  • Back to business


  • Looking over skeleton of main text
  • Python issue was addressed
    • The difference was caused by the default nature of how each language did/did not interpolate missing data
    • The calculations otherwise still remained the same


  • Performed a deep dive on the issues around missing data and the quantile thresholds
    • Must look at step-by-step process in Python code to determine the issue


  • Checked that R and Python base results still match up after heatwaveR v0.3.6 release
    • The threshold calculations appear to be affected differently by large amounts of missing data


  • More editing on the time series length vignette


  • Big changes coming through
  • Added two new vignettes:
    • Assessing the effects of long-term trends
    • Assessing the effects of variance


  • Finished editing the “simply shorter” section of the time series length vignette


  • Beginning aggressive editing of text
  • Allowing calculation of events for all year ranges from 3 – 34
    • Not just 10 20, and 30 years
  • Removing all var results


  • Incorporated ECJO’s most recent round of comments into the main two vignettes.


  • Added comparison to r_vs_python.Rmd for how the two languages handle missing data to create climatologies and calculate events.
  • Completed the Ice coverage section in missing_data.Rmd


  • Finished up new proposed work on time_series_duration.Rmd
  • Output word document version of time_series_duration.Rmd and missing_data.Rmd
  • Recompiled vignettes


  • Finished up initially proposed work on missing_data.Rmd
  • Rebuilt site to reflect upversion to v0.0.3


  • Minor additions


  • Further editing to time_series_duration.Rmd


  • Finished preliminary random missing data results
  • Fixed CI issues with short time series vignette


  • Further editing to time_series_duration.Rmd
  • Began writing missing_data.Rmd
  • Rebuilt site to host changes


  • Added AJS and ECJO feedback into MHWdetection.Rmd
  • Added AJS and ECJO feedback into time_series_duration.Rmd


  • More in-depths category comparisons made


  • Some pre-emptive thoughts about more category comparisons


  • Finished up basic comparisons of categories for different clim periods


  • Added significance tests for clims of different lengths for both single and re-sampled clims


  • More work on duration section


  • More work on duration section


  • Smoothed out issues preventing site from being built
  • Tweaks to benchmarking of the languages


  • Second section of duration vignette nearly finished


  • Completed the first section of the duration vignette


  • Some musings added to the short duration vignette


  • Skeleton vignettes for the proposed research created


  • Regenerated vignettes to reflect corrections made in heatwaveR code
  • Regenerated site to reflect fixes in site structure
  • Added LaTeX folder


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Ported over the relevant vignettes that were cluttering up the heatwaveR site

This reproducible R Markdown analysis was created with workflowr 1.1.1