Visualise a timeline of several possible event metrics as 'lollipop' graphs.

lolli_plot(data, xaxis = "date_peak", metric = "intensity_max",
  event_count = 3)



Output from the detect_event function.


One of event_no, date_start or date_peak. Default is date_start.


One of intensity_mean, intensity_max, intensity_cumulative and duration. Default is intensity_max.


The number of top events to highlight, as determined by the value given to metric. Default is 3.


The function will return a graph of the intensity of the selected metric along the y-axis and the chosen xaxis value. The number of top events as per event_count will be highlighted in a brighter colour. This function differs in use from geom_lolli in that it creates a stand-alone figure. The benefit of this being that one must not have any prior knowledge of ggplot2 to create the figure.


ts <- ts2clm(sst_WA, climatologyPeriod = c("1983-01-01", "2012-12-31")) res <- detect_event(ts) library(ggplot2) # The default output lolli_plot(res)